Alevere Weight Loss Therapy in Aberdeen

Alevere Therapy for weight loss, body contouring and skin tightening.


Under new management and a new home!

Here, at Dermal Clinic (based in Aberdeen at Carden House), we offer Alevere Therapy® which is a revolutionary programme combining weight-loss treatment, body sculpting and skin tightening. Moreover, Alevere Therapy® is a medically supervised, non-surgical programme that can dramatically improve your appearance and your long-term health.

Thousands of people undertake Alevere weight loss every week at clinics across the UK and Dermal Clinic is the only clinic in Aberdeenshire offering this life changing treatment. Dermal Clinic have been providing Alevere Therapy® in Edinburgh for several years with fantastic results.

Alevere Aberdeen is led by Dr Jo Green who has a wealth of knowledge in delivering this programme. Numerous patients throughout north-east Scotland have achieved excellent results with the Alevere Therapy®.

Doctors developed the basic principles of Alevere Therapy®. They focused on optimising the body's natural chemistry for the rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat, whilst preserving muscle tissue and maintaining the body's metabolic rate during weight loss.

Before treatment commences, we will discuss your medical history and carry out a physical examination and take blood tests. We will then make a detailed, personalised treatment plan based on your current health, weight loss goals and lifestyle.

Alevere Therapy® is the best way to lose weight fast and transform your body and life. It is a highly effective weight loss solution - far safer than liposuction and bariatric surgery.

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